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Genie's Gems is a 5 reel game that also has 5 paylines. This slot machine allows you to wager as many as 5 coins per spin and the maximum jackpot that this game has to offer is worth 10,000 coins. The betting range on the game starts out at 0.25 and it goes up to the amount of 25.00 per spin. This game has a welcoming design that features a great color scheme and symbols that will entertain you the whole time you are playing. Just as the name suggests, this game is about Genie's and Gems. You will be impressed by just how much fun this game is since it isn't loaded with a lot of the features some of the other games have. You can play the Genie's Gems video slot at Next Casino (Visit).

Some of the fun and entertaining symbols on the reels include magic lamps, genie's gems, magic carpets, high ranking card symbols, and much more. One of the best things about this game is actually the simplicity of it. With so much fun to offer in such a user friendly environment it is easy to see just why this game has become very popular with both new players and with casual players. However, experienced players also find they often like it and play it when they feel like enjoying a simpler game.

When you hit a winning payline you will see that some of them offer animations which are entertaining. The winning payline will also be highlighted by a red line. An example of one of the animations is the genie's lamp. It will smoke and stars will glisten as a magic carpet rocks back and forth. The genie will also wink and laugh when it is involved in a win. There are also other effects that will provide you with a great gaming atmosphere which is entertaining.

Genie's Gem will keep you interested with its amusing look. Some players who tend to lean toward the classic slot machines appreciate this game when they feel like playing a 5 reel video slots game. They feel more comfortable on it since it isn't packed full of those sometimes confusing features that can be overwhelming for them. If you want to play a game that offers a lot while requiring less thought than many other 5 reel online slot machines then take the time to try this one. It has the capability of maintaining your interest for good lengths of time. Play the Genie's Gems video slot at Next Casino!

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